Digital Education

The landscape of Digital Education is relatively new and with it comes both opportunities and challenges. It is an ever evolving organic system which challenges the traditional based education systems.  We have great expectations of our children in this new information age and some jobs for our children do not even exist as yet. Who would have thought that new roles such as Social Media Consultants, Cloud Hackers or Bloggers/Vloggers would receive so much attention.

future jobs

To continue to offer a traditional type of education, in which we are working within the parameters and culture of what most digital immigrants would call ‘schooling’, defeats the sole purpose of preparing our children for their futures. Perhaps we should remember that we are ‘borrowing the earth from our children’ and therefore should look to prepare our children for one in which we wish to live in contentedly and safely.

For this reason, I have taken great pride in creating projects which has the potential to contribute to the development of our community and educational landscape. Meeting the needs of all our stakeholders: students, teachers, senior leaders, and parents, I aim to offer resources, materials, projects, and online spaces for innovation and development which can help positvely influence the growth for all our futures.

More recently, I have supported governments, local councils, ministries of education and NGO’s to help develop their digital strategy and visions for creating a balanced synergy between their teams; IT, MIS, Digital Library, E-Learning and CPD, so as to provide for more effective transition and development into their Digital Learning Spaces.

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2 thoughts on “Digital Education

  1. Danielle Lewis says:

    Hi Neelam,
    I really enjoyed your talk at Wellington College this morning – thank you.
    I’m keen to incorporate technology into the classroom – especially in Secondary Maths. Do you know of any schools near St Albans where I might be able to observe tech in action?


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