Digital Literacy in the Primary Classroom

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The Digital Literacy in the Primary series offer teachers and educators information and knowledge for how to effectively integrate technology within the curriculum

Whether you are a non-specialist wanting more guidance on digital learning, or an experienced teacher looking for new lesson ideas, Digital Literacy in Primary offers accessible and comprehensive material written to complement the new Computing Curriculum.

Available for Reception to Year 6, the series is designed to follow a structured yet flexible approach to adapt to the requirements of the classroom, including ideas for differentiation. The books cover the objectives of the computing curriculum and in particular:

􏰀Computational Thinking and Programming 􏰀
Computer Networks and Creativity
􏰀Communication and Collaboration.

Perfect for teachers to ‘dip into’, the books are ideal for exploring different technologies to match both the learner’s and the school’s expectations.

To make an order, please click on the link or image below which will take you directly to the Hopscotch Publishers website (Reception to Year 2 books only).  Alternatively, you can find the full selection of books on Amazon.

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