Digital EdTech Online Course

The Digital EdTech Online course is virtual CPD programme that has been designed by both myself and Mr. Abdul Chohan, a former Principal and CEO of the Essa Academy. Together, we have successfully implemented digital visions, implementations and changes in a variety of different contexts, schools, and educational institutions and have put together six units to share best practices.

The Digital EdTech Online Course is designed to support senior leadership teams who are committed to long-term digital transformation. The course has been designed for Principals, Senior Leaders and Teachers. It has a strategic approach and will engage delegates in creating an embedded approach to digitalisation with measurements and outcomes. The course assumes no prior knowledge except for a keen interest and passion in EdTech.

Saqib Safdar, Head of E-Learning, DLD College
Dr. Parmar’s course on Digital Leadership was both enlightening and supportive. She has a way of putting everything into context. She draws from her wealth of experience when answering questions and has a way of problem solving which is creative and practical. She is very professional and I thoroughly grounded in knowledge of the sector”

The course is designed in units. Each unit can be purchased separately or the whole course (6 units) can be completed for certification. The course is self-paced and delegates can work in their own time.

Unit 1 – Digital Leadership
Unit 2 – Digital Ecosystem
Unit 3 – Digital Teaching and Learning 
Unit 4 – Digital Content Curation
Unit 5 – Digital Continuous Professional Development (CPD)
Unit 6 – Case Study (Practical)

To register your interest, please click on the link below:


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