Digital Skills Teacher Training

digitalchalk-internal-staff-training‘Teachers hold the key to unlocking enhanced learning experiences through technology’ and therefore it is important that teacher’s skills and expertise are up to mark when introducing any form of digital technology into their classrooms. Teacher training about technology can sometimes be difficult to fit into the school day, so online Skype group sessions or one to one training becomes more feasible.

Depending on the selected area of coaching, be it in the area of facilitating feedback, marking and assessment through the use of technology or learning to create a flipped learning classroom using video casting, Digital Skills Staff Training can be tailored to meet the demands for your school or teachers. Listed below is a starting toolkit for schools focusing on the main areas of pedagogical transformation using mobile technology in Schools. With this is included a list of apps to support teaching and learning within particular key stages and/or subject areas.

Technology for Teaching and Learning Toolkittoolkit