Conferences and Consultancy:

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The EdTech Podcast Festival 2018 – EdTech Clinic and @Women EdTech

Festival of Education Wellington College 2018 – @Women EdTech

Bett Show 2018 Abu Dhabi – Innovation on a Budget

Bett Show 2018 Arena  – Technology in Education Now and Beyond

Academies Show 2017 – Digital Spaces in and out of the Classroom – Birmingham

Keynote: EdTechX –Singapore 2017

Keynote: Digital Education Show Africa/Singapore/Middle East: September 2017 – Virtual Learning, Pedagogical Workflow, Blended Flipped Learning.

Keynote Panellist: EdTechX – London 2017

Keynote: Webinar – ITSI Progressive vs. Traditional EdTech 2017

Keynote: Research Symposium: New Practices, New Parameters, New Pedagogy – Open University, Ireland – Dublin 2017

Keynote: Educational Technology: Digital Parenting Oct 2017

HMC Conference Speaker – Digital Parenting book on review and signing 2017

Digital Parenting Live – BBC Radio London and West Midlands 2017

UNESCO IITE Conference – Feb 2017 Russia – CPD and Pedagogy in Practice

photo of meWestminster Parliament – Online Safety and Etiquette – February 2017

Women in Leadership Position Conference – March 2017

BETT UK 2016/2017 School Leader – EdTech Pedagogy in the Classroom

Moldova Conference 2016 – Mobile Technology in Education

The Academies Show 2016/2017 UK – Continuous Professional Development

The Education ICT Conference 2016/2017 UK – Education ICT

Digital Education Show Africa/Singapore/Middle East: 2016 – Virtual Learning, Pedagogical Workflow, Blended Flipped Learning.

2016 United Learning Mobile Technology Conference for Schools

Accredited Member of Naace UK – Excellence in ICT Education – Article in press

Senior Fellow at MirandaNet – Knowledge Sharing Hub Apple Interview:

Ambassador to Technology Will Save Us (TWSU) Group – 2015

The Educational App Store, App Curriculum Consultant – 2015


School Inhouse Magazine – Keeping Parents Clueless-

BETT/TES 2018 –

What is it like the in Classroom –  Wellington College Research – Technology in Teaching and Learning.

What does this look like in the classroom? Bridging the gap between research and practice What-does-this-look-like-400x577

21st Century: A global perspective on schools –

Empowering Parents in the Digital Landscape – Educational Technology.

Get Connected: The Internet of Things – Independent Education.

Digital Teaching and Learning – View Sonic Education.

NP3 Meta-Analysis Report – Open University – · Digital Parenting Book – 2017 –

Effectively Integrating Technology into the classroom. The Academies. · TPACK – what it means for Academies. · CPD Best Practice in E-Learning:

Digital Literacy Books: Reception to year 6 Teacher Curriculum and Planning –

Creating an Effective Pedagogical Workflow Online Articles: Naace and TechKnowledge. · Internet of Things. Independent Education Today –

Empowering parents in the digital landscape. Educational Technology –

Creative Graduates ADM-HEA: Creative Futures Report (2009) – · Ashford School Publication –

Learning Journeys: A Case Study:

Knowledge Learning Processes and ICT in Early Childhood Education (2011) –

Join the Dots: How Technology can improve School life at all levels: TES Education Hub –

NP3 Meta-Analysis Report – Open University, Lancaster and Manchester Metropolitan University
NP3 Meta-analysis report FINAL compressed

Digital Parenting Book

Hopscotch Publishing: Digital Literacy Book: Reception to year 6

Creating an Effective Pedagogical Workflow Online Articles: Naace, TES, BETT, Academies, Mirandanet, TechKnowledge.

Assessing the Quality of Apps for Usage with Young Children:

Appropriate Pedagogical Practices when using Educational Apps in Classrooms

Appropriate and Discrete use of Educational Apps within Curriculum:



BBC Asian Network Interview:

Apple Interview:

Levelling the playing field: Classroom Technology for All

An end to heterogeneous grouping:


BBC Radio London: BBC Radio London, Dr Neelam Parmar, Ashford School on the Vanessa Feltz Show · BBC West Midlands: · Sunday Times, Digital generation to be taught ‘netiquette’

BBC Westmidlands:

Education Expert Talks at the Bett Kent News Show:

New Computing Curriculum – Learning to develop Games –

New Head of ICT – Neelam Parmar – Pupils at Kew Green learning to create Games with X Box Controllers in The Guardian

Accredited Membership:

Accredited Member of Naace UK – Excellence in ICT Education

Senior Fellow at MirandaNet – Knowledge Sharing Hub

Ambassador Member to Technology Will Save Us (TWSU) Group.

Board Member and Advisor to Emerge Education

Digital Board Member for Peace Charity International and UK

Board Member to TheETA

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